Antique and Heritage Furniture and Fixtures Storage

Finding suitable storage space for your precious and delicate items can be challenging. We make it easy to store your antique and heritage furniture by offering safe, flexible solutions within an environmentally controlled warehouse

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Safe, Secure and Environmentally Controlled Warehouse

Your antique and heritage items will be secured in our environmentally controlled warehouse, which ensures your delicate items are preserved. Based in a non-industrial location, our warehouse eliminates natural sunlight and polluting equipment to best protect your property.

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Specialised Antique Storage

Storing antique and heritage furniture in a container, box or unit is often not suitable.  Our flexible storage options provide for large, oversized items through to palletised goods, without trying to fit your property into a confined area.

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Experienced and Skilled Operational Support

Our team of skilled and experienced removalists are trained in the relocation and storage of Antique and Heritage furniture and fixtures. Whether you simply need short term storage or a full relocation service, our operations team are equipped to help.

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Complimentary Work Areas and Amenities

We understand that your business may need more than basic storage. Our fully equipped warehouse, staging area, office space, parking, amenities and our operational team are at your disposal to ensure you get the most out of working with Kent Specialised Storage.

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No Hidden Costs

There are no additional or hidden fees when storing with Kent Specialised Storage, or using the work areas and amenities.

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