Art, Exhibition and Library Moving

Relocating Art, Art Ancilliaries, Exhibitions or Libraries requires a level of skill and experience to ensure that the relocation is completed successfully and to your requirements.

Kent Business Relocations works with the major Victorian Art Galleries and Libraries, so you can trust the experience and skills of our management and operational team to complete the relocation successfully.

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Art and Art Ancillary Relocations

Relocating Art or Art Ancillaries requires operational skills and experience, appropriately equipped vehicles and equipment, to ensure that the move goes to plan.  Kent Business Relocation are engaged by the 3 largest Galleries in Victoria for moving services and environmentally controlled storage solutions.

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Library Relocations

Library moving can be complicated, even more so when the relocation includes interfiling.  You want to be sure that the relocation of your collection is delivered in the same order as it was uplifted.

We have successfully completed major library relocation projects over many years, including relocating the collection and the infrastructure holding the collection.  Our experience ensures that your library relocation will be successful.

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Specialised Vehicles and Equipment

Art, exhibitions or libraries have specific requirements to ensure a safe and secure relocation.  At Kent Business Relocations we specialize in these moves and have a fleet of appropriately equipped vehicles and moving equipment to successfully complete the move. 

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Safe, Secure and Environmentally Controlled Warehouse

Whether you need to store your property for a short period whilst in transit, or a longer time, our environmentally controlled warehouse provides the ideal storage solution.  Located in a non-industrial location, our warehouse eliminates natural sunlight and polluting equipment to best protect your property.

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