Art, Exhibition, Collection and Art Ancillary Storage

At Kent Specialised Storage, we understand the intricacies of storing your art and exhibition materials. Approved and used by the three largest Galleries in Victoria, our Art, Exhibition, Collection and Art Ancillary storage is a cost effective solution within an environmentally controlled warehouse.

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Environmentally Controlled Warehouse

Your art and exhibition items will be secure in our environmentally controlled warehouse, which ensures your delicate items are preserved while they are stored. Based in a non-industrial location, our warehouse eliminates natural sunlight and polluting equipment to best protect your artwork.

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Proven Industry Experience

With long established relationships with the largest Victorian galleries and cultural institutions, Our Art and Exhibition storage has a proven track record of delivering reliable, high quality storage solutions.

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Complimentary Work Areas and Amenities

We understand that your business may need more than basic storage. Our fully equipped warehouse, staging area, office space, parking, amenities and our operational team are at your disposal to ensure you get the most out of working with Kent Specialised Storage.

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Experienced and Skilled Operational Support

Our expert operations team provides a one-stop solution for facilitating the removal, handling and storage of your items.  With the appropriate vehicles and equipment, all your storage and removal needs are accommodated.

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No Hidden Costs

What you see it what you get. There are no additional or hidden fees when storing with Kent Specialised Storage.

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