Business Self Storage Solutions

Kent Business Self storage provides your business with a facilitated solution that can solve all your storage needs, without the cost and distraction of managing your own storage area or warehouse.

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Flexible Storage Options

Whether your storage needs are large or small, we are dedicated to providing a solution that suits you. Our flexible storage options provide for large, oversized items through to a single carton, ensuring you are charged for the volume of your stored property, and not empty space.  No amount of storage is too big or too small.

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Safe, Secure and Environmentally Controlled

We are committed to providing a safe and secure facility, both for your property and for you and your team. Our environmentally controlled warehouse ensures that your stored items are preserved and protected while they are stored.

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Complimentary Work Areas and Amenities

We understand that your business may need more than basic self storage. Our fully equipped warehouse, staging areas, office space, parking, amenities and our operational team are at your disposal to ensure you get the most out of using our Business Self Storage solution.

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Reduce Business Costs

Save money, time and stress – Our Business Self Storage Solution allows you to stay focused on your core business activities.

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No Hidden Costs

What you see it what you get. There are no additional or hidden fees when storing with Kent Specialised Storage.

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