Warehouse and Factory Moving

When moving your warehouse or factory, you need to ensure that everything goes to plan to minimize disruption to your business operations. At Kent Business Relocations we have an experienced team of professionals who will ensure that your warehouse or factory move is completed successfully and to plan so you can get back to business.

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Tailored Relocation Solutions to Minimise Business Disruption

Your warehouse or factory are critical to your business operations.  It is vital to complete a relocation efficiently and correctly to minimize business disruption.  Our experience project management team will develop a relocation plan in consultation with you ensuring a seamless transition into your new warehouse or factory.

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Solutions to Complex Moving

Warehouse and factory moving often present complex challenges.  Our management and operational team are experienced with a long history of successfully completed warehouse and factory relocations.  You can be confident that your business will not have an unnecessary hiatus to its operations with our team on the job. 

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Full Relocation Service

The variable requirements of moving a factory or warehouse are considerable, including pallets, racking, machinery and tools.  Kent Business Relocations provide a full relocation service including packing, dismantling, relocating and reassembly of your property.  We can also provide a storage solution on a temporary or long term basis.

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